In 1947 Nichols Report on secondary education in Mauritius stated that there was an urgent need for a Government Secondary School for Girls. In 1950, the Government purchased a private house with nine acres of ground and turned it into a school. In 1951 the school was inaugurated by Lady Blood and for two terms the Rector of the Royal College School Port Louis looked after the new school.

Mrs. Betty Flashman an Anglo Indian was appointed as the first headmistress in August. Together with Mrs. Teckham she decided to change the uniform from dark blue to the actual green zampa so that the girls would be more distinctive.

On the 18th February Lady Blood laid the foundation stone of the new building and announced on the same occasion that Her Majesty the Queen had consented to the Headmistress’ petition to call the new school Queen Elizabeth College

Launching of the first issue of the Queen Elizabeth College Magazine.

The school had its first laureate Miss Prabha Venkatasamy. Today Dr Prabha Ghurburrun. 
The house-system was introduced. Houses were named after famous ladies: Marie Curie, Elizabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale and Emmeline Pankhurst

The Old Elizabethans association was founded.

Mrs. Flashman left for England.

In September QEC had the privilege of welcoming Princess Alexandra.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi visited the school in June.

A group of QEC girls was chosen to welcome Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the harbor.
Mrs. Ginette Cabon started he Majorettes group which was QEC’s pride for many decades.

The Majorettes were invited to perform at the National flag raising ceremony at the Champ de Mars

Following the departure of Mrs. Kistoe-West for the MIE, Mrs. Jamuna Devi Balgobin took over. She found herself at the head of the institution where she was once one of the first students and later French teacher.

The use of names of semi-precious stones: Garnet, Beryl, Jade and Onyx were used to identify the sections.

On 27 April Prince Edward visited the school.

On the 29th August the QEC had the privilege of welcoming Mrs. Margaret Thatcher who announced a scholarship would be awarded to a QEC student to study at Buckingham University.

QEC celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

QEC becomes a FVI college and no FI students were admitted.

Mr. Dwarkan became the first male rector.

The first intake of FI girls since 2002.

School was renovated after over 15 years.
For the first time in Mauritius all laureates on the girls side came from only one school the QEC.

For the second time in its history a former student and teacher became rector when Mrs. Sooneetee Purmessur took office.

The QEC celebrates its Diamond Jubilee​