Once a pupil has entered the school premises, she is under the supervision of the school. She shall comply with the school rules and regulations at all times.

​Arrivals and Latenesses
Students should be in attendance at school at 7.55 a.m latest. They should report to their allocated classroom for the morning register and for the afternoon register held under the supervision of the Form Teacher/Subject Teacher. Students are expected to observe strict punctuality for morning and afternoon registers and should report promptly to the Subject Teachers for the teaching periods. Repeated latenesses (unless justified) will be followed by disciplinary action.

Early Departures
No student will leave school without the permission of the Rector. Only in exceptional cases will the Responsible Party be granted permission to take his or her ward away from school during the day. Responsible Parties should refrain from asking permission for their wards to leave early for social or other functions such as weddings, birthdays, trips to the airport, etc… only Responsible Parties will be authorized to visit their wards in school. Responsible parties who call at school will be asked to produce their identity cards and may be authorized to talk to their wards in the presence of the Rector. They may also leave urgent messages to be communicated to their wards.

Students who are absent from school for a day or two (2) should bring a note of absence duly signed by their Responsible Parties when they resume. Students who are absent for more than three (3) days, should present a Medical Certificate on the day they resume. Students who are absent for longer periods will have to be accompanied by their Responsible Parties and see the Rector on the day they resume. Frequent absences which are not justified will be followed by disciplinary measures.

Students should avoid wearing very expensive jewellery in school. Students are advised not to carry important sums of money in their bags or pockets and should not leave their valuables unattended. The school will not be held responsible for any losses. Students are allowed ONE pair of discreet/small earrings. Additional items of jewellery will be confiscated and returned to the parents at the end of the term/academic year if students persist in wearing them after two warnings.

A student must see to it that her behavior in the bus or wherever she represents the college away from school is impeccable.

  • Whenever extra-curricular activities are organized by the school, either a circular is sent to parents or parents are notified through the school journal. The circular/journal must be signed by the Responsible Party prior to the event and returned to school at latest on the eve of the activity.
  • Students, who repeatedly flout school discipline, do not adhere to school rules, shirk classes, or play truant will be reported to the Ministry and disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  • Parents who wish to meet and discuss matters pertaining to the school with the Rector may take an appointment on any school day, during school hours.
  • Parents who wish to meet an Educator may do so through the Rector.
  • Whenever students/parents write to the Rector, the name and Form of the student should be clearly inserted in the letter.
  • Students should show respect to the staff at all times.

Phone Calls
Mobile phones are not to be used during school hours. Students found using mobiles in classrooms during lessons will face disciplinary measures. (Confiscation of mobiles which will be returned to the Responsible Party).

School Assemblies
Attendance is compulsory.

Sports And Games
Sports and games are compulsory at school. No student will be excused from P.E classes except on medical grounds in which case a Medical Certificate will have to be produced.

School Uniform
Summer uniform is made up of a white blouse, green pinafore, school badge, white socks. Students are allowed to wear the winter uniform only during the winter time. Students should wear the school uniform during examinations, both internal and SC/HSC Examinations.
No modifications will be made to the school uniform.

Students found guilty of intentionally causing damage to furniture or any item of college property will be accountable for such damages.

Parking on the College Premises
Parents are requested to drive very slowly when they are in the school premises. No parking allowed on yellow lines in the college drive. Parking facilities are availablr for parents.