Dear QEC Community,


Welcome to the Queen Elizabeth College website! It is truly an honour to serve as the Rector of the Queen Elizabeth College and begin my tenure at school as from 14 May 2015. I look forward to building upon the successes of the past to launch us to new heights of student achievement, accolades, and honours. It is my goal that we continue to create champions both inside and outside of the classroom! 


I look forward to engaging with all stakeholders of the QEC Community; students, parents, staff, alumni, community organizations and local businesses to create a shared vision of success for our school. This vision will be the guiding light that leads us along the path to maintaining  Queen Elizabeth College to its position as one of the elite schools in the Republic of Mauritius. 


One of my goals is to improve communication between the school and all of our stakeholders. Our website will serve as the central hub for information pertaining to Queen Elizabeth College. It will enable everyone to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures that are basic for the smooth functioning of our school. All communication that goes home with and for students will also be posted here on our website. 


Our extensive menu of extracurricular activities, both academic and recreational, is unsurpassed. Our entire staff is committed to establishing a school environment that allows our students to flourish and to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our website will be updated regularly so as to provide visitors to it with updated notices and bulletins and other news on a variety of subjects. I am encouraging Queen Elizabeth College staff members, as well as the P.T.A., the School Management Team, and clubs and teams to be regular contributors to the website.



I wish you all a safe and enjoyable journey at QEC and look forward to working alongside you for years to come!





Mr D. Ramanah