A spacious parking lot on the left side is solely reserved for parents’ use and is accessible at any time during school days. The main gate is flanked on the right side by a student’s pathway safely guiding students towards the school premises. A small gate paves the way to the main building. The main gate also offers direct access to the teacher’s parking lot and the volleyball and basketball pitch. The latter serve as parking space for school buses in the morning and in the afternoon to drop and pick up students respectively. 

The first building on the school compound is the hall which also houses the college canteen. Then, along a long corridor, on the right hand side, stand in order the Physical Education (PE) Department, the Usher’s office, the Administration and the Rector’s office. 

Opposite these above mentioned offices is Block A consisting of the ground floor, along which range rooms A01_A07 as well as the Caretaker’s Lounge. Rooms A11_A17, the GYM and Mandarin Language room are found on the first floor.

In Block B are found rooms B01_B04 on the ground floor while rooms B11_B14 are on the first floor. This block, in addition, houses the Physics Department and its laboratories. Physics Laboratories PL1, PL2 and PL3 are situated on the ground, first and second floors respectively. At the back of this block is nestled the Secret Garden.

The ground floor of this block is bordered by rooms D01_D04. The staffroom and its amenities extend on the whole of the first floor.

Block E accommodates not only classrooms but also several specialised rooms. Along the ground floor are found rooms E02_E02 as well as the Biology Department and its laboratories. The first floor consists of rooms E11_E12 and the Chemistry Department. Two of the latter’s labs and Preparation Rooms are found on this floor, namely CL3/Preparation Room 3 and CL4/Preparation Room 4.

The IT Department and its Labs IT1 and 1T2 are likewise housed on first floor, Block E.

The second floor comprises two more classrooms, rooms E21_E22, the two remaining Chemistry Labs, CL1/Preparation Room 1 and CL2/Preparation Room 2 and room E23.

The backyard of the school premises is enhanced by an immense playground catering for myriad games and activities whereas the newly built Recreational Corner provides sheltered space in all weather conditions for yet innumerable enriching pedagogical and leisure pursuits.

Asian Language and Hinduism rooms F01_F02 are set on the ground floor just as the Music and Dance Rooms F03_F04. This floor also makes room for a fully equipped Lecture Theatre fulfilling the needs for lectures, meetings, film shows, presentations and numerous other events. 

Block F includes the Visual Arts Department, VA1_VA2, and the Home Economics Department and Labs, HE1_HE2.

On the first floor a Photocopy Lab is found in room F11 while another Asian Language room is in F12.​ Beside the above rooms in Block F are found the Sociology Department and the college Library. The latter provides an infinite number of books on various topics, newspapers, dictionaries and a collection of other materials for reading, lending or reference. It provides too a silent and peaceful space creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The Colonnade and canteen are found between rooms HE1_HE2.